Chemical Stripper

Chemical strippers offer significant advantage over other methods for paint removal: much lower airborne contaminants than media blasting, less effluent waste than high pressure water, less risk of substrate damage than blasting or lasers, and no need for costly application equipment. Chemical strippers do, however, have some environmental, health, and safety issues that must be considered. In the past, dangerous materials like methylene chloride, formic acid, peroxides, hydroxides, phenol, methanol, propionic acid, and ethanolamine have been primary components of chemical strippers. These materials which comprise toxic poisons, carcinogens, severe skin irritants, hazardous air pollutants, and toxic wastes, were effective paint and adhesive removers but, posed severe risks to the users and the environment. RonJohn® chemical strippers use raw materials that pose lower risk but, have powerful solvency when blended in specific proportions.

National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Logo The RonJohn® technology was awarded the National Nuclear Security Administration's Best-in-Class P2 Award for Environmental Stewardship in April of 2012.

The patented RonJohn® technology was developed in response to the DOE directive that flammable and toxic chemistry could no longer be used at the Y12 National Security Complex. A survey of available paint and adhesive removers revealed no effective candidate to replace the flammable, toxic conventional chemical stripper chemistry that contained materials like methylene chloride (toxic, carcinogen, hazardous air pollutant, severe exposure rating, hazardous waste), methanol (toxic, flammable, hazardous waste), phenols (toxic, hazardous waste, severe exposure rating), and methyl ethyl ketone (toxic, flammable, hazardous waste). Existing blends that were safer than conventional strippers consisting mainly of chemicals like benzyl alcohol, d-limonene, and soy oil just couldn't do the job so, the Y12 scientists invented a solution - they invented RonJohn®.

Although our products are safer than conventional materials used in chemical strippers, RonJohn® products are solvent blends and should be treated with caution. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for their use includes: butyl rubber gloves, goggles or safety glasses, an apron or smock, and if in a poorly ventilated area a NIOSH approved solvent mask.

RonJohn® products are not corrosive. RonJohn® products typically have slightly basic ph (6 to 9) which is safer for users and less likely to corrode metals than strong caustic and acidic blends. We select component materials that have only moderate skin exposure ratings. Although users should always wear proper PPE, if RonJohn® products accidentally get on your skin the effect is much more mild than other remover products with severe exposure ratings like methylene chloride, caustic, or acid based chemistries. This makes the difference between redness accompanied by a slight stinging after several minutes of exposure (moderate) and immediate blistering or saponification which often causes permanent damage unless treated immediately (severe). Usually,skin exposure to RonJohn can be easily remedied by washing with soap and water; however, if redness or burning persist you should seek medical care. As with any chemical, if a user gets RonJohn® products in their eyes flush liberally with water and seek medical care.

RonJohn® products are not highly reactive. Some materials such as peroxides, strong acids, and strong bases are considered highly reactive because of their dangerous, uncontrollable reactions with other materials. Although RonJohn® products themselves are not highly reactive, they should be kept away from strong oxidizers which are.

RonJohn® products are not flammable. In fact, the RonJohn® Dip Strip, RonJohn® Aero Strip, and RonJohn® Gel Strip products have flash points above 200°F which means they are rated as Class IIIB combustible. The RonJohn® Liquid Strip, RonJohn® Electra Strip, RonJohn® Graffiti Remover, and RonJohn® Auto Strip with flash points between 140°F and 200°F are Class IIIA combustible and not considered hazardous by DOT. RonJohn® Auto Strip LVOC and RonJohn® TK-10 General Purpose have flash points between 100°F and 140°F making them Class II products but, because none of our products are hazards for explosivity, high reactivity, or corrosiveness these materials can be reclassified for DOT purposes as non-hazardous Class IIIA combustible and avoid the higher packaging and transportation costs. Proper handling and storage as combustible materials should still be employed: keep away from sources of sparks, open flames, and excessive heat. Empty packages may still contain residual solvent and vapors so, handle them in the same manner.

RonJohn® products contain no toxic or carcinogenic materials RonJohn® Liquid Strip, RonJohn® Dip Strip, RonJohn® Aero Strip, and RonJohn® Gel Strip, do however contain n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) which is listed in California's Proposition 65 as a reproductive toxicant and when sold in California must be labeled, "This product contains a material that the state of California knows to be a reproductive toxicant" or similar.

Because RonJohn® products are blends of organic solvents and other materials, they have the potential to be respiratory irritants if used in a poorly ventilated work area. In areas without high air flow, users should use a NIOSH approved solvent mask. RonJohn® products do not have offensive odors and in some cases have fruity or spicy aromas, do not be disarmed by the somewhat pleasant aromas as excessive inhalation can result in headaches and dizziness. Anyone affected in this way should be moved from the work area into an area of fresh air. If the affects persist, they should seek medical care.

RonJohn products are safer for users and more eco-friendly products than conventional paint and adhesive removers while exhibiting high performance compared to other green paint removers.

CCR: 696U1         DUNS: 966993425

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